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  • Cate Archer

A collaboration with artist, George Groves.

George Groves is an incredibly talented multidisciplinary artist who recently held his debut exhibition, aged 19, to raise money for ‘Mind’, the charity for better mental health. 

Choosing to support ‘Mind’ came easily to George.  He is open about his own personal experience of Generalised Anxiety Disorder, due to the knock on effect of a physical illness.

George tells us that there are currently over 16 million people in the UK experiencing mental health problems every year - with over 50% of young people with a mental health problem feeling embarrassed when talking about it. There is clearly a stigma attached to the concept of mental health, something that George hopes to see diminished in his lifetime.

We all know that Doug the Pug Therapy Dog works hard to embrace the differences we all share, and is vocal on social media accounts of the desire for us all to show no judgement and hold no stigma.  Let’s all think like a dog.

After hearing about Doug the Pug Therapy Dog, and his “Most Heroic Hound Award”, at London’s National Pet Show in 2016 for supporting positive mental health and wellbeing, his owner Cate Archer was very excited to have George ask to collaborate in a joint project, instigated by ‘Mind’, in support of positive mental health. 

George then created a truly incredible vibrant portrait of Doug, exuding the warmth and life that he shares so lovingly in his work as a Therapy Dog.  Cate feels that it is a fabulous tribute to George’s intuitive talent that he has captured so much of who and what Doug is in this great piece.

George’s art is done with great purpose. Everything he paints either encapsulates emotion, or another theme of passion, inspiration and motivation.

Doug and Cate got together with George and asked him what drives him to produce such vibrant work -

George said,

“In general I’m really just trying to create art that serves a purpose.  My ‘Inspiration’ work served to ‘Inspire’ and ‘Motivate’.  Ultimately it explored the mental health that is associated within sports. I’m currently reading Soccology, by former footballer Kevin George, that just breaks down how intense it is to be a footballer. 

I am currently exploring different art routes, subjects, mediums and themes as I begin to develop not only my paintings, but my motives behind them.

I’m currently working on a ‘Legends’ series, which involves Michael Jackson, Bowie, Elvis, and others. I was inspired to do this after watching a few of Michael Jackson’s performances on YouTube and felt so invigorated by them.

I’m currently attempting to encapsulate the term ‘legendary’ through more expressive brush work – and, in turn, hope that this gets some great reactions.

Viewers being able to relate to the artwork is so important for me - I want them to have an immersive experience. 

Via my instagram, I like to post stories that are often tips, or inspirational videos, which people can view on “how to stay mindful” in different scenarios – this may be at work, or in day-to-day life. I’ve had quite a few people just message me from this and say how they appreciated this, or needed it.

Staying mindful, and purposeful, are really my main goals - with the intent to promote wellbeing to all my site visitors. 

I am always looking for subjects to paint that are of relevance to the promotion of wellbeing, and inspiration. 

As illustrated via my Social Media and my website, ‘Inspire’ is really my motto.”

Having experienced mental health challenges himself, George welcomes you with open arms to discuss anything or send any queries his way!  You can read more about George, his upcoming exhibitions, and links to his social media, via his website –

And to see what Doug the Pug Therapy Dog is up to, pop over to his website – where you’ll find links to his social media and press pages too! 

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