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  • Cate Archer

Busy Bees!

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog was delighted to be given this beautiful little gift to hang on his basket!

“The best therapists have fur and four legs”! 

Isn’t this just so true! Doug is ever discreet - and ever faithful. Those sweet velvety listeners are always available with such kindness and patience. 

We’re a bit late in this our latest post. We’ve been such busy bees with the most wonderful projects on the go! 

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog had a great time at the National Pet Show, in Birmingham, sharing love and pug hugs at his book signing. We sold many paw signed copies of Doug’s book - ‘Doug the Pug - A Working Dog’s Tale’ and, as ever, all royalties go directly to our favourite charity - Pets As Therapy.  We loved being in the National Pet Show’s ‘Dogs with Jobs’ area and delighted in having other sweet puppers from Pets As Therapy come and join our stand too. 

And then, this weekend, we’ve been in High Wycombe at a fabulous event called ‘Never Mind’, supporting mental health. It was a super event all pulled beautifully together by Wycombe Youth. A very big well done to them all for a fabulous day. 

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