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  • Cate Archer

Celebrating International Youth Day.

This week, Doug the Pug Therapy Dog celebrated International Youth Day! 

We love sharing our time with young adults. 

Many of the students Doug the Pug Therapy Dog sees are far from home and feel a very long way away from those who love them. Students feel under enormous pressure to appear successful, happy, and living life to the full. Escalating financial costs and social expectations makes studying a lot tougher than many of us imagine. 

Stress is a real barrier to learning. It negatively affects the processing of information necessary for recall. Being with a companion animal, like Doug, is said to lower blood pressure, hinder the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, and stimulate production of the feel good factor hormone, oxytocin - which then acts as a further suppressant for any more stress hormone being produced. What a ‘win win’ situation a sweet pug hug creates. 

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog loves to celebrate the joys of the human animal bond and companion animal therapy. 


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