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  • Cate Archer


Today, Doug the Pug Therapy Dog was ready for a challenge!

At a conference this afternoon, we were asked “Does bringing an animal into the classroom have any therapeutic affect?” 

That was a very silly question to ask Doug the Pug Therapy Dog!

The Emerging Innovations Conference, in Oxford, was entitled “Improving mental well-being and behaviour in children and families”. 

It was organised by the wonderful charity “One-Eighty” whose vision it is to have a world where every child can enjoy a positive and flourishing relationship with themselves, their family and their education. 

What a perfect vision. Doug the Pug Therapy Dog would so love that too. 

We loved being with like minded people, invested in the human animal bond, and were a little in awe of our very discerning audience made up of clever sausage mental health and education professionals! We do so love a sausage. 


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