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  • Cate Archer

Convalescing Puggy Dog.

Doug the PugTherapy Dog is convalescing well and is taking good care not to put stress upon his back so that he may help his recovery.  

We hope that taking a gentle approach to life - with no running, jumping, wrestling with big sis Molly dog - and taking time away from helping others - will allow the swelling and bruising on his spinal chord to lessen. This will then help him recover from the partial paralysis in his back leg and take away his discomfort. 

Dougie has managed a few weeny little outings, to the bottom of the garden, where he is carried to a quiet little spot, out of the wind, for a little diddle - and, so far, he hasn’t fallen over.  

We keep paws crossed that all this rest will give him a little more strength and resilience to aid his convalescence. 

Friends, we hope your day is good and kind to you all. And we hope that you rest up too so that you can stay strong and resilient for all that your week may throw at you. 

Remember, the time you enjoy wasting, is never wasted time. 

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