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  • Cate Archer

Doug for PM!

Guess where Doug the Pug Therapy Dog has been? 

We’ve been to the Houses of Parliament with Pets As Therapy to an event on The Benefit of Pets to Society, Animal Welfare and Pet Obesity. 

Did you know that you can extend your pet’s life by up to two whole years by keeping them lean and fit?! Why would anyone not want to do that. Flip that over and think how we can actually shorten our companion animal’s life by up to two whole years if we allow them to be unfit and overweight. The responsibility is entirely ours. 

We heard from The Pet Food Manufacturers Association on how important it is to care for our companion animals with a well balanced diet of good nutrition. And we heard all about how important it is to take full responsibility for the long life of our companion animals too. 

And, we also discussed how important it is for us to find the courage to give our companion animals a kind and gentle death, at a time that is right for them. What a hard call that one is too. 

So, all in all, caring responsibly for a companion animal can be a dedication of many many years. 

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