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  • Cate Archer

Easter bunnies

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog is busy looking after his little Easter bunnies. 

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog is so very sad to hear that each and every year, many sweet little real live bunnies are bought as Easter gifts for those who then find themselves unable to care for them properly. 

After Easter, 4 out of 5 of these ‘gifts’ either die or are abandoned. And, we see them every year on a busy motorway roundabout near us. Some of those who come to realise they are unable to care for them find the courage to surrender them to rabbit rescue centres - of which there are many - but lots of these little bunnies are just dumped without the resources to survive. 

Rabbits are fragile animals with particularly specific needs - just like dogs and cats. Bunnies need space to run; where they are safe from predators and traffic, they need lots of messy, smelly, hay to eat which needs somewhere to be stored to keep it dry; they need their smelly wet bedding changed regularly to keep them warm, dry and without sores; they need a caring, quiet, considerate environment to live for 365 days of every year, regardless of where their family pop off to for their holibobs. And they might perhaps live for 10 to 12 years! 

So all of this long list of needs will need a commitment of every single day - come rain, shine, or holiday - for twelve whole years! 

But …. Doug the Pug Therapy Dog says - if you know you’d love a bunny, and can give it the committed care it needs, pop along to your local animal rescue shelter just after the Easter hols and you’ll find lots of choice. 

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog wishes you all a very happy Easter and so wishes he could eat chocolate too!


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