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  • Cate Archer

Farewell to the little peeps!


This week, Doug the Pug Therapy Dog celebrated the end of the school year and said a fond farewell to many little friends who are moving on. 

And, come the new academic year in September, Doug the Pug Therapy Dog will be reducing his working hours as a school dog. Dougie will continue commitments to those he supports and cares for, as a Therapy Dog, but in shorter stints and with a more flexible approach. 

Silver fox Doug will be in his ‘late 60’s’ at the end of the forthcoming academic year, so entering semi-retirement seems a fair and dandy deal. Little friends at school will continue to enjoy Doug’s company, whilst he still enjoys being there without tiring or become reluctant to attend. 

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog has been visiting one of his schools each week for over 7 yrs now, and he loves it, but it’s also important that his little pals acknowledge how good it is to take life a little easier in later years before life is complete. 

School held a truly delightful assembly, celebrating Dougie’s sweet charms, and the most beautiful heartwarming cards and letters were received from the fabulous little peeps. 

What absolute joy. 

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