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  • Cate Archer

National Story Telling Week!

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog is celebrating National Story Telling week. 

All of us share stories each and every day - however old we are. 

Stories, true or fiction, entertain us all - and always have done. 

And as a school Reading Dog, through the Pets As Therapy READ2DOGS programme, Doug the Pug Therapy Dog values this week every week of the year. 

When reading to a dog, children are never interrupted or corrected. The child has the dog’s complete and undivided attention. The child then grows to learn that they have a voice worth hearing. This goes on to give children further confidence in reading, speaking in public and socialising with others.  Childhood becomes a happier place when school becomes less stressful. 

We take such joy in being a small part of such great change. 


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