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  • Cate Archer

Once Upon a Time ….

Being a Reading Dog, on the Pets As Therapy READ2DOGS scheme, brings such joy to Doug the Pug Therapy Dog and his young friends. 

Showing no judgement, and holding no stigma, Doug the Pug Therapy Dog never interrupts or corrects his reader, always allowing a story to be shared as the reader would like. 

This encourages a great love of learning, in a safe non threatening environment, where our young friends know they will never be chastised or crushed. 

Being truly listened to, and heard, is something many people feel missing from their lives and is necessary to enhance confidence and self worth. 

When our little friends gain confidence in hearing their own voice out loud, their reading age improves and they begin to contribute more across the curriculum in the classroom too. 

Building on their whole school experience ripples through to enhanced social confidence in the playground which encourages a greater enjoyment of school life and child hood itself. 

Often the most simple of concepts can have such enormous impact. Reading to dogs is approached with great scepticism by many but for us it is approached with full hearts. Happy National Storytelling Week! 


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