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  • Cate Archer

Paying it forward.

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog has had a little outing!  A delightful afternoon tea at The Rosewood Hotel in Covent Garden with his good poochie pal Monty and a lovely young man, called Davey, who helped contribute to the escalating costs of poor Monty’s emergency veterinary care last year through bidding generously for afternoon tea with Doug in a fundraising auction. 

It makes our eyes water when we consider how much it costs to care for our companion animals and meet their ongoing needs. 

People often gasp at how much a dog costs to buy, but that’s only the beginning. 

To ensure a pet is well cared for when we are at work, or on holiday, is an enormous and expensive responsibility. 

And, at some time in their lives, our companion animals will become sick or get injured and the associated veterinary bills can escalate beyond belief within days to many many thousands of pounds. 

Although many of us manage to make adequate provision for these unforeseen costs, however sensible we are, there are many unforeseen circumstances of our own that can take over and turn our lives completely upside down. 

In the work that Doug the Pug Therapy Dog and I share, we’ve seen how quickly the lives of absolutely anyone can change in a snap. 

So however strongly we may feel that we should all make good strong provision before ever taking on the responsibility of caring for the life of a companion animal, we must recognise that none of us will ever quite know what’s round the corner that might flip our lives totally on end leaving us fighting for what we believe in. 

Dogs show no judgement. Dogs hold no stigma. Doug the Pug Therapy Dog would love us all to think more like a dog! 

We can all #payitforward and do a little something for someone.  And it needn’t cost a penny.  Acknowledging someone feeling insignificant can make an enormous difference to their day. Holding a door open for someone is kind. It doesn’t have to be for someone  appearing less able.  It’s just nice.  And we love nice.  It’s nice!  

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