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  • Cate Archer

Reducing feelings of isolation in those far from home ....

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog loves to share his love with all those who need a little extra loving care and kind attention. And often it’s those who look least likely who actually need it. 

Many think a student life is a fun one, and for many it is. But for international students, the feelings of being far from home and those who love them can be acute.  This can create feelings of incredible loneliness and isolation. 

We often reflect upon the saying, “everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about”.

So true. 

Looking like you have life nailed is hard work. And this can create an even deeper sense of isolation from those around you. 

We were delighted that Doug the Pug Therapy Dog was invited to share love and Pug hugs with those feeling mid term was marking a long time away from home, and those who love them, and it gladdened our hearts that we helped bring a little sunshine to many. 


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