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  • Cate Archer

Sadly, no Crufts for us this year.

Poor Doug the Pug Therapy Dog. 

Sadly, Doug is unable to attend Crufts this year as he is unwell. 

We’ve had a fretful few days worrying about Doug but didn’t want to say anything until we actually had something to say. 

One morning last week, Doug presented with shaking (an illustration of pain), reluctant mobility (most out of character) and a slumped posture (contrary to his usual perky self). 

Yesterday, Doug had a full and thorough neurological consultation and MRI scan under general anaesthetic at a specialist veterinary hospital. Results showed wear and tear, classic of an oldie, and two herniated discs causing bruising to his spinal chord. 

This has put Doug in great discomfort and has caused a slight and partial paralysis in one of his back legs which explains his sudden awkward gait. 

Through complete rest, and containment, along with medications, we’re hoping that a month of complete indulgence will allow the bruising and swelling to subside - giving Doug more mobility, stability and comfort. 

As he is a senior puggy dog (Doug will be 10 later this year), surgery has been discouraged as it might make things worse, rather than better, and is a tricky operation to achieve successful results in an older dog. 

We are thankful that it is not a lot of other things that it could have been.  There were many scary thoughts going through our minds. But, our primary concern will always be to ensure Doug is happy and comfortable.

So, we’re sorry Doug the Pug Therapy dog will be out of action for a while and won’t be catching up with his lovely friends at work. He and I will miss them as much as they will miss us. 

Love and hugs. 

Cate and Doug xx

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