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  • Cate Archer

The National Pet Show, Birmingham NEC

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog had the most wonderful time last weekend at The National Pet Show in Birmingham. 

Sharing love and kindness with those who came to see us was a pure joy. 

Paw signing copies of ‘Doug the Pug - A Working Dog’s Tale’ kept us busy! And we had the extra treat of many friends coming back to see us again year after year. 

All royalties from Doug the Pug Therapy Dog’s book go directly to Pets As Therapy and it was lovely that we had a team of volunteers to share our stand with us! We so love it when we can illustrate that there is no ‘perfect’ breed for a Therapy Dog and that true beauty always shines from within. 

We had fun on the Hound Hangout too. Meeting lots of little peeps there was wonderful. And it made us giggle that they all followed us back to our book signing stand like a trail behind the Pied Piper!

It is always so very humbling, and we feel so very privileged, to spend  time with many families who share with us the ongoing challenging journeys that they’re facing daily. The warm welcome that families are able to enjoy on our stand often gives a much needed respite from the frenetic environment of the busy show which helps towards a happier and more relaxing day. 

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog is shown much love at the shows we go to and it is so beautiful to meet so many who value all we share. 

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