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  • Cate Archer

Today is World Cancer Day

It is a day to unite in the fight against all cancers. Doug the Pug Therapy Dog had cancer over two years ago, and we are fortunate that he is now well and happy. 

Today, let’s remember those we sorely miss - along with survivors, carers, those living with cancer, and the wonderful teams everywhere working towards a cancer free world. 

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog and Cate volunteer together in a hospice for those with life limiting conditions. Many people imagine that an “all clear” draws a firm line under a word barely mentioned. 

But often living with cancer, or living after cancer, compromises life on a daily basis. Creating shadows of insecurity and doubt in their future, many people carry the invisible scars of cancer with them wherever they go. People don’t like to talk about cancer and, as a result, talk about it when it’s often too late to feel secure about the outcome. This makes cancer a very scary word. Especially so for children - as adults, in their well intentioned wisdom, try to protect them. 

Through Doug’s cancer, we talk to children about this horrible disease and that sometimes there is a very sad ending but often there is not. It’s ok not to be ok. And we need to talk about this more openly so that people aren’t more scared about what’s not going on as well as having to cope with what’s obvious and apparent. 

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog and Cate wish you all well. 

Please share a moment in thought for those who are not. 


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