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  • Cate Archer

Top marks!

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog and Cate send love and hugs to all friends receiving exam results this summer holiday. 

In our eyes, you’re all stars! 

Completing compulsory education is such an incredible achievement for many young people - and any grade result achieved is icing on the cake. 

Results may have brought joy to many - and disappointments to others - so please remember that an education is all about giving choices. 

Often our lives take a path we’d never have imagined, and it may well become rather special. 

Be proud of who and what you are.  Your individuality is what makes all of our lives vibrant in diversity. 

Doug the Pug TherapyDog and Cate both feel that if we were all cut from the same cloth, life would be so very dull for us all.


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