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Under the Sea, at London in Bloom.

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog has been exploring life Under the Sea. 

How tragic it is that this is what ‘under the sea’ is actually like for much wildlife. 

Animals, birds, fish and other land and sea animals getting caught up in plastic waste, or becoming ill through ingesting this too, is a brutal and harsh reality. 

We’ve seen truly beautiful and uplifting creations this week from Chelsea in Bloom, the floral art has been amazing. But this year’s theme, for 2019 installations, has been ‘Under the Sea’, warts and all. 

Reflecting upon the plastic pollution of our oceans, exhibitors were encouraged to use, or re use, natural products in their displays without utilising any ‘single use’ plastic. 

The incredible and thought provoking displays have been free and accessible for all to see on our London streets, running alongside The Chelsea Flower Show. 

Using floriography, the language of flowers and their meaning, Victorians used the gifting of flowers to send coded messages of love and friendship. 

And here we are sending powerful messages of sustainability and preservation in the same way through this wonderful  theme of creative and artistic installations, ‘Under the Sea’. 

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog sends a big ‘Well Done!’ to everyone involved in this year’s floral theme. 


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