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  • Cate Archer

Vulnerable families, between permanent homes ...


Doug the Pug Therapy Dog has been catching up with his dear little pals - and seeing what they’ve been up to on their summer holibobs! 

Vulnerable families, between permanent homes, come in all shapes and sizes. 

There are many classifications of ‘homelessness’ and there is no ‘type of person’ who finds themselves in that position. 

It could be us. It could be you. Any of us can, for many many reasons, have our lives changed in a snap. 

Being without a home to call your own, whether that be in a hostel, on a friend’s sofa, or living in your car, prevents you from feeling safe and secure. It prevents you from feeling part of a community. It hinders hope. It scuppers plans. It destroys friendships. 

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog is gladdened and privileged to share time with those less fortunate and wishes them well in future goals, hopes and aspirations.

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