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  • Cate Archer

Wes Anderson’s Trash Island & the RSPCA ......

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog is on Trash Island highlighting the tragic plight of abandoned dogs over the holiday period.  

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog has teamed up with friends at the RSPCA and 20th Century Fox to recreate a scene from the Wes Anderson film “Isle of Dogs” - and here he is with Emily, an RSPCA rescue dog, and famous social media pooches - Marcel Le Corgi, Cockapoo Marley and Steven the Frenchie!

This RSPCA campaign will help raise awareness of the number of dogs abandoned here in England and Wales - during July and August - where an average of 74 dogs are abandoned each day when their families go off on their holidays. 

Although Doug the Pug Therapy Dog isn’t a rescue dog, we have learnt so much from social media over his 8 1/2 years with us and we now absolutely advocate the ‘adopt don’t shop’ mantra with both heart and soul. 

The film, ‘Isle of Dogs’ is out now on blu-ray and dvd and we are delighted to support them and the RSPCA in this campaign. 

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