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  • Cate Archer

World Book Day!

Today, Doug the Pug Therapy Dog celebrates World Book Day!

World Book Day 2018 is all about “shared reading”. But, sadly, Doug the Pug Therapy Dog hasn’t yet read anything about reading to dogs! 

Being a Reading Dog with the Pets As Therapy READ2DOGS scheme is such a wonderful way of incentivising children to read. 

Whilst creating a positivity in the relationship a child has with books, Doug the Pug Therapy Dog never interrupts, most certainly never corrects, and his lovely little readers can then work towards regaining their confidence and love of learning in a safe, non-threatening environment. 

Reading to a temperamentally assessed Reading Dog, like Doug the Pug Therapy Dog, has shown that the child’s reading age improves, there is then a greater and more confident contribution in the classroom (right across the curriculum) and more social play and interaction with others in the playground. 

Helping to create a more positive experience of school life and childhood itself is a most valuable and rewarding thing to be part of and Doug the Pug Therapy Dog loves it! 

Cate and Doug champion the mantra - “Dogs show no judgement. Dogs hold no stigma. Wouldn’t it be better if we all thought like a dog!”. 


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