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  • Cate Archer

World Mental Health Day.

Today is World Mental Health Day. 

In our eyes, every day should be World Mental Health Day and Doug the Pug Therapy Dog works towards helping support the positive mental health and emotional wellbeing of many. 

In 2016, Doug the Pug Therapy Dog won the Super Dogs Live ‘Most Heroic Hound’ award for his work supporting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

It still makes us enormously proud that he is helping to end the stigma - and give recognition to crippling invisible illnesses such as mental health challenges. 

Remember friends, we cannot be physically well unless we look after how we feel. 

It makes our hearts sing when the work of Doug the Pug Therapy Dog, and other Therapy Dogs like him, is valued and recognised. 

Be kind to yourselves friends and have a lovely day. 


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