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Doug the Pug is a wonderfully sweet natured little dog.  As a Therapy Dog, he enjoys each and every one of his working days generously sharing warmth and kindness with all those who need a little tender loving care and special attention.


And, when a special little person comes and reads with him, he feels like life just couldn’t get any better!


Children’s Mental Health Week.

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog was invited to Westminster Under School last week, for Children’s Mental Health Week. We were asked to present a...

World Cancer Day.

Today is World Cancer Day. It is a day to unite in the fight against all cancers. Doug had cancer over three years ago, and we are...

International Day of Acceptance ....

Today is International Day of Acceptance. Let every day be this day too. Celebrating and accepting our differences makes all our worlds a...

Happy “Winnie the Pooh Day”!

“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.” Winnie the Pooh was a wise one. Happy “Winnie the Pooh Day”!

Happy 2019!

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog and Cate would both like to wish you a very belated, but nonetheless truly heartfelt, happy new year! May 2019...

Merry Christmas!

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog wishes all our dear sweet friends a very merry Christmas and hopes you’re all having fun. But, we appreciate...

Intensive Care

‘Intensive Care’ is just what a benevolent puggy dog likes to offer when working as a Therapy Dog! Doug the Pug Therapy Dog attended the...

Happy Birthday Dougie!

🎂🎉9️⃣🎈 Guess what day it is?! Today, Doug the Pug Therapy Dog is 9yrs old. That’s 63 in people years. Time to start work a little...

The National Pet Show, Birmingham NEC

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog had the most wonderful time last weekend at The National Pet Show in Birmingham. Sharing love and kindness with...

Therapy Dog Thursday!

Just a weeny little Therapy Dog on his way to support friends in Brixton. Doug the Pug Therapy Dog loves sharing time with those who need...

World Mental Health Day.

Today is World Mental Health Day. In our eyes, every day should be World Mental Health Day and Doug the Pug Therapy Dog works towards...

Pets As Therapy Walk!

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog enjoyed a wonderful time with friends on a Pets As Therapy charity walk with the benevolent store, Orvis!...

Top marks!

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog and Cate send love and hugs to all friends receiving exam results this summer holiday. In our eyes, you’re all...

Farewell to the little peeps!

📚🐶🎓 This week, Doug the Pug Therapy Dog celebrated the end of the school year and said a fond farewell to many little friends who are...

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies!

Doug the Pug Therapy Dog absolutely loved the school year 6 play, “Robin and The Sherwood Hoodies”. And what a dastardly bunch they were...